Bristol-Bordeaux and Bristol Hannover Twinnings has been going on for 75 years

For this 75th twinning anniversary,  the city of Bristol organised many events to celebrate  its long friendly relationships with Bordeaux and Hannover.  Here are some examples:

  • Bedminster lantern Parade (12 February)
  • UPFEST, Europe’s largest festival for graffiti and street art with artists from Bordeaux and Hannover (28-29 May)
  • Bristol Festival Voice took place at  St George’s Bristol . The programme included the participation of Bordeaux and Hannover choirs  (June)
  • Wine tasting event at Averys Wine Merchants through a tutored tasting of seven themed Bordeaux, Hannover and Bristol wines, with artisan bread, cheese and pâté from local suppliers too  (16 June)
  • Bristol Harbour Festival around the harbour with the speeches of the Mayors of Bristol and Hanovre at the City Hall  (15-17 July)
  • College Green Exhibition posters of Hannover parks as well as a twin cities signpost  (15-17 July)
  • Sporting partnerships
  • Reception of representatives from both Hannover and Bordeaux for celebrating 75 years of friendship by Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, at the City Hall (15 July) :  such events -both in Bristol, Hannover and Bordeaux- are an excellent means  to pay tribute to the long twinning history  based on friendship, exchanges and diversity.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary is also to support the objectives of the twinning associations, such as:

  • Bristol-Bordeaux Partnership (BBP)
  • Bristol-Hannover Council (BHC)
  • Association Bordeaux-Bristol (ABB)

2022 : 25th Anniversary of the Mattew of Bristol

Matthew of Bristol

It is on the 14th April 2022 (instead of 2021 due to Covid) that Bristol City celebrated the 25th anniversary of building of the replica of the ship with which John Cabot discovered Newfoundland in 1497.

Built between 1994 and 1996 on Redcliffe Quay, in May 1997 the modern Matthew set off on its own transatlantic voyage to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Cabot’s famous voyage of exploration to Newfoundland.

On  Visit Bristol and Matthew websites   you’ll find all the story of the “Matthews”, the original and the modern one and, in particular, the story of the building , of the launch of the modern version, etc…

“The Matthew of Bristol Trust” now provides the maintenance of the ship.

The Association Bordeaux-Bristol itself has made its modest contribution to the  Matthew’s history, additional proof of its permanent interest to the city and history of  Bristol, but also to fill in the ignorance of many french people who only know  Christopher Columbus, by publishing a book on this subject in two versions, French and English:

“John et Sebastian Cabot. A la découverte du Nouveau Monde XV – XVIèmes siècles” ISBN : 978-2-9571512-0-2 , copyright © 2019 Huguette Bordeau            et

“John and Sebastian Cabot. The discovery of the New World 15th and 16th centuries” ISBN : 978-2-9571512-1-9, copyright © 2020 Huguette Bordeau

The french version was written by Huguette Bordeau and was translated into English by four English teachers of the Association, Valérie Bonnet, Président, Arlette Izac, Honorary Président, Valy Fabre and Joyce Read.

Biographies de John et Sebastian Cabot