By next summer, the unicorns will be brightly decorated by local artists

A herd of life-sized unicorn statues will be displayed across a city next summer to raise money for charity.

Leukaemia Care will put on the nine-week art trail in Bristol which will see sculptures of the majestic creatures decorated by local artists.

Like previous trails, including Wow! Gorillas and Gromit Unleashed, it will end with an auction.

The chief executive officer of Leukaemia Care said they hope to “lift spirits” in the local community.

Joining the main herd will be a collection of adorable one-metre tall unicorn foals exclusively available to schools, community groups and charities to decorate and display.

CEO Zack Pemberton-Whiteley said: “The aim of this exciting, high profile, public art event is to celebrate Bristol’s unique heritage.

“Bristol has a long history with unicorns and we want to recognise that through fantastic artwork and storytelling about the city.”

The unicorns will appear in prominent locations around the city

Unicornfest is a part of the 650th anniversary celebrations of Bristol achieving corporate county status way back in 1155, which aim to unite the business and creative sectors.

There is also history between the city and unicorns with the mythical creature featured on the city seal, representing the idea of virtue.

The sculptures will be decorated by Bristol artists including Inkie and children from St Werburgh’s Park Nursey school.

Other talented local and regional artists, designers and crafts people are also being invited to submit their unicorn design ideas.

These will be shortlisted and combined into a ‘Unicorn Artists’ portfolio, which sponsors can browse and select their favourite unicorn designs.

The trail will end with a Unicornfest auction preview festival for unicorn fans of all ages to say their final farewells before the group of unicorns are sent off to be auctioned.