Dear friends of Bristol-Bordeaux

As part of the ongoing 70th anniversary celebrations of the Bristol-Bordeaux twinning, a rowing regatta will take place in Bristol docks this weekend, 9th/10th September, with teams from both Bristol and Bordeaux taking part.

You are welcome to come and meet the rowers or watch the races and attend any or all of the events.


The organiser, Guy Brown, writes :
” I have put together a program for the rowers from Bordeaux specifically, but we do not have a formal program for the regatta on Sunday.
   I can confirm that the Bordeaux crew will be down at the boathouse from 8.30am and will be rowing between 9am and 10.30am.
  They will also be out training on the Saturday morning, but I would suggest the Sunday is the best time to come and see what is happening as there is quite a lot going on at the rowing club.”

The rowing club is based down by the SS Great Britain at The Boathouse,
Albion Dockside Estate, Hanover Place,
Bristol, BS1 6TR


Les rameurs bordelais étaient à BRISTOL le week-end dernier  (article Sud-Ouest du 13-09-2017)        (click the link)