BORDEAUX-BRISTOL Association: Welcome to Teresa &David, members of the BRISTOL-BORDEAUX PARTNERSHIP

18th - 25th October 2018

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A few words from the President of the Association :

Welcome to our site!

If you love Bordeaux as much as we love Bristol,

If you think that twinning should involve appreciating our differences to highlight what we have in common

If you’re eager to share your ideas and learn from others as well

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Volunteers, young and old, let’s follow in the footsteps of our founding fathers, Professor McCAUSLAND STEWART and Professor LOISEAU who began this journey in 1947, and established this firm friendship!

We will not let the English Channel nor any storm prevent us from staying true to the statutes of our Association.

‘School and University exchanges, cultural, socio-professional, economic, artistic and sport links between the regions of Bordeaux and Bristol. Within the European framework, the association is also committed to extending these links to their respective twin cities’

(Article 2).


Upon accepting the role of President in 2013, I vowed to dedicate myself to the association, so as to be faithful to the commitment of my distinguished predecessors, carrying the torch whilst also making my own mark, however small.

Bristol2Bordeaux, Route des Vins, Bristol Young Heroes, Jazz Festival, Upfest, Bordeaux Fête le Fleuve and the Matthew, Venturer, Cary Grant Festival, Nuit des Musées, Cap Associations, Bordeaux Rowing Club, Community With a Purpose, gatherings and trips for adults, Bristol Bordeaux Partnership…

These are just some of the opportunities we provide to proudly support the twinning with but one aim in mind: to encourage young people to take part in our exchanges which have been enjoyed by and continue to be enjoyed by our team, whether it be our peers or our young recruits.

Join us, support us and long live our partnership!

Valérie Bonnet

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