L’Association Bordeaux-Bristol vient de recevoir les appréciations, excellentes dans l’ensemble, des étudiants qui ont bénéficié l’année passée des séjours avec Living Learning English et prend les inscriptions des futurs candidats intéressés par cette expérience enrichissante.

Vous trouverez ci-après des informations concernant l’organisation et les tarifs des cours pour 2018.

Pour d’autres informations, consulter notre page « Séjours linguistiques »

What a great summer we had at LLE

We thank all of you who sent students to our home tuition courses this summer – we have had some wonderful students and feedback has been fantastic! From over 650 student responses so far in 2017, 99% would recommend LLE to their friends, family and colleagues!

Photos can be seen on our flickr site and reviews are on FacebookGoogleCourseFindersEducationStars and our very own review site. If you are in touch with your students, asking them to post a review is very helpful to all of us!

Why is feedback consistently good?

  • LLE is different – our teachers host students as well as teach and also arrange social activities. 
  • Classes are either 1:1 or 2:1 so the programme is tailored to the students’ needs, goals and interests.  
  • Students have much more input into what and how they learn.  
  • Our students also tend to be very motivated and determined to make the most, linguistically, socially and culturally, of their stay in the UK.   
  • Our Course Managers know all the teachers and we are very careful in matching students to teachers to ensure successful courses. 
  • There is a high degree of personalised support from LLE for both student and teacher. 
  • The type of programme we offer allows the students to learn in a meaningful way and in a supportive environment.
  • Seeing skills and knowledge develop and confidence grow gives our teachers a sense of job satisfaction. Many students return to the same teacher year after year. Teachers often say that the elements of this work that they most enjoy is welcoming visitors to their homes and lives,  seeing them grow in confidence, helping them discover local areas and learning from their students!

2018 courses are now booking

Le dossier d’inscription est à adresser à l’association Bordeaux-Bristol qui transmettra.

LLE Team News: as usual at the end of a season, we have some changes within the LLE team. Firstly, we congratulate our out-going Academic Manager Theresa, on her fantastic new role at the WEA. We would like to thank her for all her great work for LLE and wish her all the best for the future. The WEA is located just around the corner from LLE, so we know we will still be seeing Theresa regularly! In her place, we are very pleased to welcome Elizabeth Mallender to the team, who joins us from the City of Bath College.

We also have a change of academic administrator and office manager – at the end of August we said goodbye to Kayleigh and hello to Scarlett!

Finally, we are delighted to let you know that Charlotte, who joined us as seasonal travel manager this summer, is staying on to assist the Guardianship team and manage the low season travel – all whilst she studies for a Masters in Philosophy!

For the full list of who’s who at LLE, please download the latest team list.

Thank you again for all your support for LLE. We are very fortunate to have so many great partners around the world, a fantastic team in the LLE office and wonderful teachers to work with around the UK!

Looking forward to working closely with you in the coming season, Kate and the LLE Team

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